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    We Always Use a Rotary Jet Extractor For Cleaner Carpets This Works Better Than Just A Scrub Wand Like Others Use


     This Is The Most Expensive Cleaning Tool Ever Made!


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            Clean Max Carpet Care Special


* Don't Miss Out ... 2 Rooms + Hall Only $69.95. Owner Operated.... We Always Show Up On Time and Use Only Our Heavy Duty Truck Mount Machine..............Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning. Phoenix Carpet Cleaning, Mesa Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Glendale. Zero Rez Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaners Near Me, Pet stains on carpet How Often Do You Clean Your Carpet? What’s hiding down in your carpet fibers? Did you know that in many homes dirty carpet tends to cause sickness? According to the IICRC, there are many health benefits to maintaining clean carpets, especially in homes with children. Carpets are among the most frequently used items in the house. Take a moment to think about all the microscopic things that hide deep down in the fibers. It’s easy to grind in dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, and pet and human hair, as you and your family go about your daily lives. For some of us it’s just an afterthought, but the truth is that avoiding the creepy crawlies under our feet doesn’t make them go away. Whether you’re a single guy living on your own, or a busy mother in charge of the household, there are more reasons to keep your homes and carpets clean and sanitary than we can list here.


any 2 Rooms




Up to 450 Sq Ft No Stairs

First time Customers Only

Offer Ends 11/29/2019

Offer Ends 11/29/2019

                         Carpet Cleaning Open Area $.27 Sq Ft

          Carpet Cleaning and Moving Furniture $.37 Sq Ft

                           Tile and Grout Cleaning     $.40 Sq Ft

                     Tile Striping + Wax or Sealer   $.75 Sq Ft

                                                 Basic Sofa $ 79.00

                                         Basic Love Seat $ 49.00

                                                   Sec Sofa $ 9 -14.00 Per Foot

                                         Lazey Boy Chair $ 39.00

       Antimicrobial Deodorizer For Pet Stains $.20 Sq Ft

                                    Dupont Stain Guard $.12 Sq Ft

Area Rug Cleaning ( Cotton or Wool ) $.39 Sq Ft 

* Most Pet Stains Can Be Removed Without Extra Charge*

All Cleaning Includes


*Free Spot Cleaning


*Pet Stain Removal *Carpet Raking


*No Hidden Charges*

Price List 2019


    It's Free Pet Stain Removal Month